Monday, April 13, 2009

hanging the Black Drop show


Carissa said...

very cool.

i was planning to go to the blackdrop this afternoon anyways, so i can check it out!

mewilliams said...

Did you take the photos off the wall from a show that ended walk down the street and put them on the wall for a new show?

_explosions said...


yes i did.

this show is a selection from the Lettered Streets show. It's actually not just down the street though, it's pretty far actually.


mewilliams said...

You are rad, and that is reeeeaaalllly funny!

kimmy/ie said...

HOORAY!! times ten! wow, the wall color goes really well with your photos.

You walked! wow, looks like you guys hung in there.

Gaelan said...

It's about a seven minute walk... Six with Dana legs.