Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gaelan heads up north without us.

ok, this is pretty old, but it's fun nonetheless. this is from the jam session we had before gaelan headed back home.

Jam session from Gaelan heads up north without us from _explosions on Vimeo.

you can get the jam session here!


Jeanne Le said...

i miss your guys jam sessions

_explosions said...

me too jeanne.

me too.

carolynwithers said...

so i'm sitting here listening to the jam session [thanks for posting!] and...

i thought the opening chords on track 1 were familiar to the first jam session i was accepted to perform in---and, sure enough---it. sounds. exactly. the. same. as. track. 1. of. that.session----the attempt on the prime minister's life [that one, i think]...

i feel so silly and


just silly really.

oh-and thankful that
no one said anything.


that being said.

thank you all for being so kind with your silence that night.
my ego says thanks for your grace

_explosions said...

hahah! that's rad! i think it's cool when we revisit the stuff we've played before.

i play pretty much the same thing every time we jam... it's true... and sad.

mewilliams said...

I miss them also

kimmy/ie said...

that's why i stick with the tambourine.

carolynwithers said...

keep it real with the tambourine...

i think that is where it is at.
pretty much.

well those ink-dyed import noodles look like they're up for a challenge.

dana~i only noticed that at the last session...but then thought it was appropriate. brought some nostalgia to the table. i had only heard you play the progression once before. so hey. i think it was safe territory then. good times, those.

mewilliams said...

I iv V I for life!

_explosions said...

IF we can manage a four chord progression.